Pain reliever, yoga facilitator receive Bethlehem KIZ grants

Wednesday, January 31, 2018
Rob Lombino, TE '17G, works as a yoga instructor.

Rob Lombino works as a yoga instructor.


One device aims to relieve joint pain. The other is being developed to augment the traditional yoga mat.


Each have received a $15,000 startup grant from the Southside Bethlehem Keystone Innovation Zone Technology Transfer Grant program.


Revivify, at 26 E. Third St. in Bethlehem, is a medical device company that has created a product that uses three pain-relief modalities to assist in healing joint injuries or in conditions such as osteoarthritis.


Vidura Tech, at the Hatch House in Bethlehem, is developing Connct, a device that augments a regular yoga mat by providing active alignment and balance cues to the user.


“They’re both pretty early stage, which is where we want to focus our efforts, to help them grow and attract future funding,” said Asher Schiavone, economic development coordinator for Bethlehem.


He said part of the attractiveness of the two startup companies is the background of their founders.


Thomas Crassas, co-founder of Revivify, works in the physical therapy field.


“He’s working with people every day, and he found a need for this,” Schiavone said.


Similarly, Rob Lombino works as a yoga instructor.


“He sees a lot of problems people have, that sometime cause them pain or cause them to give up,” Schiavone said.


For 2017, the Bethlehem KIZ has invested $519,408 in KIZ companies.