Trailblazing Innovation

Monday, January 30, 2017
Known for Innovating in the World of Entrepreneurial Education

Students of entrepreneurship grad program find success in many venues


Known for innovating in the world of entrepreneurial education, Lehigh University launched its own startup, of sorts, in the summer of 2012.


This startup doesn’t produce goods or services. Instead, it turns out alumni who will go on to create such goods and services themselves – or help others to do so – in a well informed and highly innovative way.


Developed in response to society’s growing interest in entrepreneurship and to ever-increasing student inquiries, the master’s of engineering (M.Eng.) in Technical Entrepreneurship (TE) combines graduate engineering education with real life application in the context of entrepreneurship to provide training in the art and practice of creating new companies. It fills a recognized industry need while drawing on institutional strengths in the teaching of integrated product development, technology innovation, and entrepreneurship.