How CNN helped manufacturer launch in Bethlehem

Thursday, February 9, 2017
TE Capstone Sponsor Makes CNN News

A post on CNN Money citing Bethlehem as one of the “100 best places to live and launch a company” helped spur a startup to establish its home in the city.


Soltech Solutions, a manufacturer of light-emitting diode lights that grow plants, said it established its headquarters in Suite 5 at Pi: Partnership for Innovation in Southside Bethlehem.


The startup company formed in 2014 and its three employees occupy the 232-square foot space where it will manufacture the product called the Aspect.


Asher Schiavone, economic development coordinator for the city of Bethlehem, said the CNN posting helped the startup decide where to locate.


“They seem like the real deal; they are reaching out to all the right people in the community,” Schiavone said. Now that the startup is in Pi, it has reached out to other startups and is working with students from Lehigh University and Moravian College to have them help with the business, Schiavone said.