Baker Institute

The Baker Institute at Lehigh University
TE Capstone is a program based in Lehigh University’s P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science and affiliated with Lehigh’s Baker Institute for Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation, which aims to foster the entrepreneurial mindset that leads to creating value in the world. The institute provides students, faculty, and alumni from throughout the university with access to the skills, resources and connections needed to enable entrepreneurial ventures to launch and prosper.
The Baker Institute for Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation is Lehigh University’s platform for building new enterprises. Entrepreneurship at Lehigh is seen as both a way of thinking and a discipline with specific tenets and skill sets.  To that end, students, faculty, and alumni are provided with the help they need to move from vision to reality.  The faculty and staff of the Baker Institute believe that an idea — when properly nurtured and developed — can lead to discovery, value creation, and a better tomorrow for all.