2018 Coolest Offices in the Lehigh Valley

Monday, September 24, 2018
Does your office have a pterodactyl hanging from the ceiling?
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It turns out that there are a lot of very cool offices in the Lehigh Valley. In our second year of asking readers to tell us about a business with a traditional office space that has been transformed into something extraordinary, we received a response that was extraordinary.


Readers sent us pictures and stories about offices that were ultra-modern, super chic, and wild and wacky. There were even some historic gems.


Some of the offices dazzle with color and spectacle while others offer a taste of a simpler time. Some host fun and games to help employees regroup from intense work while others encourage a healthy and fit lifestyle.


We narrowed the suggestions down to five to show some of the variety of “coolest” offices in the Lehigh Valley. Those can be found on this page, and on pages 12 through 14.


For a glimpse of some of the other “coolest” offices in the Lehigh Valley check out the photo gallery at www.lvb.com where we highlight some of the other cool offices in the area.